Copaiba Balsam essential oil 15ml


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Copaiba – 100% Threapeutic Grade  /KO PIE E Buh/

  • Botanical Name: Copaifera officinalis   Origin: Brazil –  steam distilled from the crude resin ,an oleoresin, called copaiba
  • Consistency: Medium to Thick Scent: Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil is a medium strength scent with a warm, honey-like scent ,rich and pleasant
  •  Although it is a very strong anti inflammatory, it is still safe to be taken internally.
  • Copaiba is the highest in beta-caryophyllene which is an anti-inflammatory compound.
  •  This can be a valuable oil for discomfort from digestive issues (nausea), stomach aches, and inflammation in the digestive tract.
  • the oil is yellow to brownish in color and becomes darker when exposed to air.
  • Considered to be one of the most anti-inflammatory substances on earth
  • The oil should be pale yellow in color with a slightly bitter taste and an aroma that is reminiscent of the balsam of the tree.  if you consume too much of this potent oil, it can cause stomach issues on par with food poisoning.


  • skin hemorrhoids
  • diarrhea
  • urinary tract infections (UTI)
  • constipation
  • bronchitis
  • reduce pain
  • eliminate inflammation
  • protect against infection
  • heal the skin
  • prevent fungal growth
  • boost respiratory health –
  • improve the health of the skin and hair
  • improve bladder control, speed healing
  • tighten the skin
  • lower blood pressure
  • Tightens the skin, which can help skin look younger, reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • infuses the body with powerful nutrients and organic compounds that can eliminate the appearance of blisters, marks, and pimples.
  • When inhaled, the soothing nature of the copaiba essential oil can ease any discomfort and loosen the tensed muscles and glands that might be causing the irritation.
  • Pain Relief:  Copaiba essential oil is a wonderful analgesic
  • Eliminate Infection: The strong antibacterial nature of copaiba essential oil can act as a major booster for your immune system
  • Anxiety and Mood: , copaiba essential oil has often been used to lighten the spirits and improve mood
  • Diuretic : can help everything from incontinence to bedwetting when applied properly.
  • Antifungal: When it comes to fungal infections, there aren’t too many essential oils that can do the trick
  • Nail Fungus or Athlete’s Foot apply to speed up the healing and help prevent this in the future
  • The anti-inflammatory, soothing nature of copaiba essential oil can help to relieve the tension and strain in your blood vessels, allowing blood pressure to drop and the strain to disappear from your cardiovascular system.



Betcha didn’t know this:  Beta-caryophyllene is recognized as the primary chemical in marijuana that gives ease to patients and makes it an effective medication for many.

  • Cautions: Avoid use during pregnancy. Could cause possible dermal sensitization.  Generally, this essential oil is very safe


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