1.  How long will the fragrance in the scent last?  …when compared to ABC or XYZ company’s wax ??

  • we formulate each fragrance bar to last approx.  2 weeks of scent life, each square lasting approx. 72 hours scent life – all of our bars have six large 1 oz.  squares
  • We use only tested premium grade fragrance oils and essential oils in our products-  i.e. our wax bars, fragrance oils bottles, scent beads, and room sprays.

2.  How big are these bars ?  Will the squares fit into a wall plug-in type warmer?

  •  our bars are twice the size of any typical bars sold commercially.  Each bar is 5.5 oz and the typical commercial bars are 2.6 oz
  •  when using our wax in a wall plug-in warmer (which plugs directly into an outlet) simply cut each 1 oz. wax square in half with a butter knife.  This will prevent the small bowl from overflowing &  it will fill half of the smaller bowl.

3.  What type of wax do you use to make your scented wax bars  ?  Do you use soy wax? … Beeswax?  

  • we use only paraffin waxes  in our scented wax bars 
  • we have created a paraffin wax which we believe gives a stronger scent throw than soy , palm, beeswax, or any other paraffin wax products.
  • NOTE: soy candles are great! Our candles are made using soy wax and they are 100% skin safe. 

4.  Are all of your scented wax bars really strong? … it seems like the store scents only last a day and that’s it…

  • Not all of our scents are strong, nor is it possible (for example) to make a subtle scent like Cucumber Melon compare to very strong Leather scent.
  • Some scents are much more subtle and are best suited for a small area like a bathroom, or small office, dorm room , in a waiting room, or even a taxi, etc.
  • Strong scents will typically fill a larger room, i.e. living room, play room, media room, pet room
  • Note: some rooms are enormous and we would recommend two warmers for this situation.  Example, vaulted ceilings, high traffic areas, open areas like a kitchen/living area, home theaters, workshops, and game rooms.

5.  Will this wax formula work in my burner, warmer, or melter?  Do you sell the replacement bulbs?

  • Yes , as far we are concerned a burner is a burner, or a warmer is a warmer – so definitely yes!
  • Works with all electrical warmers.
  • However, when using a tea light warmer (open flame) we recommend using our fragrance oils because these oils have a higher flash point and will last longer for that application.
  • We have light bulbs for most warmers on the market – check here bulbs for your specific needs or call us direct.

6.  Do you sell essential oils ?

  • Visit our website or click now on this link

Essential oils link to review all of the oils

  • There are approx. 5 or 6 scented wax products in which we use essential oils currently.   Eucalyptus, Peppermint , Spearmint Eucalyptus, Lavender Therapy, Patchouli and maybe more soon.
  • We have listed the ingredients under each product.

7.  Will your scented wax bars or squares last longer than using fragrance oils?  Do you sell fragrance oils

  • Yes because the fragrance oils evaporate from the dish after a few hours of constant use.  Scented wax square lasts approx. 72 hours of scent life constant use.
  • Yes we sell fragrance oils in every scent that we make for our scented wax bars

8.  How do you get the wax out of the dish? 

  • Two ways:
  • firstly- if the wax is cold or in a solid state – use a popsicle stick or better yet a small knife to etch along the edge of the wax (still in the dish) and push down into the wax slowly but firmly from the edge and push wax out
  • secondly- with liquid wax still in the dish (may be warm) soak a small tissue in the warm wax, the tissue will absorb half of the wax.  leave tissue in the dish.  Now the dish may be carried without spilling, next hold over a waste can and pour out the remaining wax while wiping the dish.  (a paper towel may help remove any residual wax on the dish)

9.  Do you have a store ?   Where can I purchase this product?

  • retail store locations coming soon!
  • Our wax may be purchased online, and from special venues throughout the year

10.  Will any of your scents help eliminate pet odors, and/or smoke odors?  

  • Yes specifically our scent called Lemon Drops : which eliminates Smoke & Pet odors
  • FYI -did you know that Cinnamon also is a natural odor eliminator ?
  • Peppermint essential oil makes insects and spiders leave an area where it is applied

11.  Shipping returns on products not made by us are covered for 30 days exchange only

  • diffusers please contact the manufacturer of the appliance first- included with their product is their contact info. secondly call us if no contact with manufacturer.  Either way we are here for you.
  • electric warmers should you have an issue of it not working simply call us to have a replacement arrangement

12.  Returns of our own products are simple

  •  if not satisfied with the performance of our fragrance wax bar, our fragrance oil, sprays, or our scent beads, simply mail back the remaining portion for a replacement of your choice.
  • Make it a great year in 2017
  • Chris@showsomescents.com   

      Show Some Scents Team