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In 2011 we began by selling scented wax bars door to door in Irving, Texas.   We started with $150 bucks and a dream – selling just enough to pay our rent while homeless.   Daily we called on commercial accounts  and many individuals became loyal customers.

Shortly thereafter, in 2012, we began marketing through many trade shows which sustained us through the high costs of weekend events, traveling, hotels, and dining out nightly while away from home.

Eventually in 2013 we began to build our brand, and create an online store for our valued wholesale clients and individuals.

We are grateful indeed for the challenges  (our experiences)  from  critiques to praise we remain persistent, moreover, we are grateful to our customers who support us.

In 2017 , we improved our line of essential oils, and carrier oils.  We sell only 100% Therapeutic essential oils.

Make 2018 a Great year!  Peace

Thanks in advance!

Show Some Scents


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